You have questions, thankfully I have a lot of answers!

So a bit about me. I really see you!  No seriously, I am a true empath.

I have been FEELING everything since I was a child. As I grew older I tried to dismiss it. I had a career as a high powered corporate executive.  I built some fairly large companies,  but I always felt empty inside. Their was always this empty void I was trying to fill. The only thing that quenched that thirst was sharing knowledge with others.  I have created tools for my students to experience these contemplative frameworks and anchor them in. 

It has been an interesting journey, filled with light, darkness, ceremonies, etc. You however will not need to worry about those things.

Be Silly!  No really, be Silly with integrity.  The enlightened buddha was the Laughing Buddha. I have always been more of a researcher, than a mystic.  As I was able to quantify the nature of reality – what can be touched, tasted, felt or experienced in an experiential manner, I found many spirals and half truths. Thus,  I look forward to navigating you through the golden path.

Welcome to your first steps on the Hero’s Journey!


Thank you for taking the time visit us and learn more about us. It has been a beautiful journey of awakening and ascension. For over 8 years, I have been spreading light through shamanic practices and dance as Dance of Liberation Senior Facilitator in New York, Guatemala, and various festivals such as Burning Man and Gratitude Migration.

I also founded various organizations such a BeLightLiving, an online magazine to promote consciousness awakening and healing. Since I met Daniel Michael in Nevada, after Burning Man 2015, and we got married at Burning Man in 2016. Read the article published at TwentyFiveHundred about our wedding: Shaman Wedding at Burning Man

Our mission to activate the heart of humanity and raise the frequency to allow remembrance of cosmic dimensional origins became much more intense and clear. I recommend that you read my article on Reunion of Twin Flames: The Fairy Tale is Real to understand what I am referring to.

As a student of TeRRapia School for ProcessWork and Family Constellation, I have been able to weave all the quantum, shamanic, and psychology tools and offer customized approach to each of my clients.

I am here to help you re-remember who you are, and embrace your mastery as a dimensional powerful being!