Welcome A Beautiful Soul!

You are here for a reason. Perhaps one day you woke up and had a deep calling in your heart to shift your current reality or maybe you had a profound plant medicine ceremony. Now, your heart was aching for deeper truth and wisdom. Your soul wanted to grow out of the shackles of your fears and self-imposed limitations. You wanted to know and remember more.


The art of dimensional living is the ability to hold your course and expand yourself to remember who you are and your enormous galactic potential. Regardless of circumstances and situations, you can choose how to operate from a specific dimensional state. It becomes your reality and affects all things that come into your experience. When you are able to reach the shift of your consciousness, you move to the next level (and there are many levels).  Like a standing wave, your field will be able to create and manifest the reality that you desire.

There are 3 components that are essential for you to be able to SHIFT:

  • Emotional Stacking
  • Coherence
  • Intention



Our Integration and Embodiment Coaching can help make sure you are ready and supported, and that you get the maximum positive benefit possible. We use the Art of Dimensional Living framework that we have developed to guide our clients towards the SHIFT.

We focus on your deep, personal spiritual journey. We are here to support you as you navigate powerful psychedelic experiences and journeys.  We are available for one on one coaching and consulting, to allow you to give voice to all of your experiences, questions, and concerns in a safe, understanding, nonjudgemental, and confidential relationship.

You’ll be given the tools, practices, support, and attention you need to grow.

If all of this resonates with you, please contact us to schedule free 30 mins consultation.



We are also available for personalized plant medicine facilitators of ceremonies and retreats. Please get in touch to discuss such an opportunity.