Light Language is a channeled language. Embedded in light language are codes. These codes carry the frequencies of both light and sound. Light language is a multidimensional language that is understood by our hearts and by our souls. Light language interacts directly with both our DNA and our Light Bodies (which includes our astral, etheric, mental, and emotional levels).

Light language is both active and dynamic. The language is active in such that the codes are actually doing something. The codes embedded in the transmission assists us with clearing out the old (patterns, traumas, etc.) we are no longer in resonance with, as well as, supports us in aligning with our next level of wellbeing. The encoded frequencies of light and sound are dynamic and will modify, adjust, and adapt according to the needs of the person or group of people I can channeling for.

It might seem like people receiving a transmission of light language are passive recipients. However, the Higher Selves of people receiving a transmission are well engaged and active while the language is being channeled. Our Higher Selves work with the codes and use them as appropriately for ourselves. Therefore, I work in tandem with clients. I channel and offer a transmission, while the Higher Self of the client(s) I am channeling for will work with the frequencies as they are appropriate for them.



During a session, one’s Higher Self is active in using the codes embedded in the light language. Clients do not need to do anything for this to occur. I encourage people to simply relax in a comfortable position, either sitting up or lying down. During a transmission, people have various experiences. Some common experiences are sleepiness and a tingling sensation as the energy is moving.

Others feel emotional. Some people track the energy as it moves, though this is not necessary. It is not important to feel or sense anything during a session. Many people simply feel relaxed and stress-free.

To me, it is more important what healthy changes people are experiencing after the session in the days and weeks ahead. Shifts in one’s energy may continue for a few days after the session. Some people feel lighter and lighter in their being as the results of the session continue to unfold. Some feel emotional as well as sleepiness as one continues to release.

The integration of the frequencies takes from 24 to 72 hours. I recommend my clients to hydrate a lot throughout that time.


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